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We make premium quality Nordic Tipi tents - designed for the extremes. They're cool in summer, and warm in winter - with portable heaters for true comfort.

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In the previous episode of the Tentipi Blog, outdoor photographer and writer Tim Gent took us out to his top places for canoe camping in Scotland. Together with his wife, photographer Susannah Gent, Tim spends an impressive amount of time out in the outdoors and the couple have grown a special relationship to the wilderness of both […]


Ever tried canoe camping? Packing your gear in a canoe takes a lot of weight off your shoulders (litterarily speaking) and gives you a fantastic mobility – not to mention the experience itself of transporting yourself on water. Of course you need to find a nice lake or river to start off your adventure. And we know […]


Kayaking on the Devil’s Dancefloor

November 21, 2016

In this issue of the Tentipi Blog we’re embarking on a most unique adventure, taking us by kayak from the icy shores of Greenland, across the north Atlantic to the cost of north Scotland, 1200 nautical miles (2200 kilometers) from the starting point. Host for this epic journey is british adventurer Olly Hicks, at age […]

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Another Tentipi world record

October 21, 2016

91 Event tents in 4 days at 5 locations. In -30°C! The premises would make any entrepreneur sleepless for weeks: build dining halls for several thousand of rally fans at multiple locations in less than one week – with outside temperatures that make cranes freeze and trucks stop in the middle of the road.  -   It was really […]

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The photographer’s view

June 30, 2016

We love hearing about people’s experiences out in the wild, many are of the adventurous kind. Some are a more of an “inner journey” type of expereince.  Ida Olsson is an outdoor photographer that we came across on one of our social media platforms a while ago. We liked her photos and thought we’d let her share […]

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Dave and the incredible Olivin 2 world record

February 25, 2016

How many people can you fit into a two-person tent? Two of course! …right? Well, it may seem as a no-brainer, but by some reason that question was asked by of one of our employees during a Tentipi staff meeting about a year ago. We had set up some of the coming new models for […]

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Wintertime Camping – Tips and Tricks

January 27, 2016

When temperatures drop and nature turns white it’s the perfect time to bring out your Tentipi Nordic tipi for some wintertime camping. They’re not called “Nordic tipis” for nothing! Camping wintertime is fun, but it also require some extra attention from the user, so we sent Tentipi PR manager Torsten Gabrielsson out in the Swedish […]

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Living in my Nordic Tipi.

August 4, 2015

—0— We’ve received a fair amount of comments, emails and messages from people, keen to extend their residency in our Nordic tipis, and here’s a Post by Jilly Sherlock telling of her own experiences through the cold, wet and high winds of a British winter.  The temperate UK climate is heavily influenced by Atlantic weather systems, […]

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