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The photographer’s view

Thursday, 30 June 2016 at 14:51 pm

We love hearing about people’s experiences out in the wild, many are of the adventurous kind. Some are a more of an “inner journey” type of expereince.  Ida Olsson is an outdoor photographer that we came across on one of our social media platforms a while ago. We liked her photos and thought we’d let her share some of them together with her thoughts here on the Tentipi Blog. By the way, she has an Instagram account worth checking out, called ISKOGOCHMARK. 

We’ve never owned a tent in which one could stand up straight . When we got our tipi it didn’t feel like it just was a tent… it was a portable home.

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The feeling that comes to me when the tent is set up on a beautiful place in nature is freedom and peace. Here you got everything you would ever need. A roof over your head, walls to keep out the wind, room for the few things that we need and a wood burning stove to keep us warm and fed with hot cooked food.

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My name is Ida Olsson and I’m a photographer. I work with my company Utomhusfotografen (Outdoor photographer), also known under the name ISKOGOCHMARK (meaning “in the forest”) on the internet.  I call myself an outdoor enthusiast, but I also love art. I draw, paint and photograph as soon as I get the chance. I love to combine my interests with an outdoor lifestyle. Mostly I photograph nature and what I do out in nature.

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I live in Åre, Sweden together with my boyfriend, Jack, and my dog Luna. Jack is also an outdoor enthusiast and my dog is a Lapponian herder. The breed’s main use is reindeer herding but they also work superbly well as a companion dog in the woods and on the mountains.

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We’ve owned our tipi for only two months but have already been out in spring weather and cold winter. Whatever the season, we stay dry and warm inside our Safir 7 and with our Eldfell Pro 7.

Camping like this is incredibly luxurious. We’re used to sleep in regular tents on usual thin mattressess. Now we’ve upgraded to camping beds and storange boxes for our stuff. In the summer when we’re supposed to set up our tipi a bit more permanent we’re even going to have some persian carpets, drying lines, shelves and a lantern.

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Me and my boyfriend Jack are passionate about the simple life and we’re not living for the money, stress and consumtion. We dream of sometime owning a small house in the countryside, where we can grow our own crops, have a small chicken farm, maybe some sheep…
We’ve noticed that things or stuff without a meaning or a heart doesn’t add anything meaningful in our lives. Meetings and connections with people and animals, a place that you can call your own and nature add meaningfulness to us.

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To own a lot of things or stuff without a meaning or heart costs money. And to get money you need to offer your time. But really… time is all we have so why spend so much time on money? When you live simple and small you don’t need all those things. As Eddie Vedder sings in the song “Society”; “I think I need to find a bigger place, ’cause when you have more than you think You need more space.” A really good song by the way. Listen to it!

To scale down on unnecessary things is a good thing to do if you want to get more time and money for other things. Time in nature, for example.

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Jack has been experiencing how it feels to sleep in a tent with a stove, but for me it was the first time in our new Safir 7. I will never forget the feeling of lighting the stove. The embracing of the heat after a long winter day. What an incredible feeling! So close to nature, in the middle of winter, but still at least as warm as it is in any regular house in the city. But this warmth was better. This warmth warmed me deep in my heart.

A great insight that I’ve got is that happiness is so easy to reach by the simple and small things. In a tipi in the woods I’m happy. I don’t need more than that. I look forward to many nights in the forests, by the rivers, next to the mountains, under the northern lights and so on.

Explore, create, love nature.
Ida Olsson, Jack Bardhamre and Luna the Lapponian herder.

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